Coligone FAQ’s

1. What do you use Coligone for?

Coligone is ideal for the following issues:

  • To prevent poor performance in competition horses
  • Calming stressed competition horses
  • Horses which have experienced gastric acid irritation
  • Prior to traveling to guard against excess gastric acid
  • Prior to racing or competing to combat side effects of stress
  • Crib biting
  • Wind sucking
  • Grumpy/sour behaviour
  • Horses with bloated/gassy tummies (especially those having gorged on rich pasture)
  • Stressy/anxious horses
  • Tucked up horses
  • Foals not thriving
  • Scouring (horses and foals)

2. When do I give Coligone?

Coligone can be given on an adhoc basis or daily. Eg:

  • Administer a syringe of Coligone before travelling to ensure acid levels remain balanced whilst travelling.
  • Administer a syringe prior to competing to help your horse remain calm and enable him to work at his best.
  • Administer Coligone syringe at first signs of a bloated or windy tummy, especially following gorging/over-eating of pasture.
  • Administer Coligone syringe if your horse looks tucked up or “not right”
  • Feed Coligone Liquid or Powder on a daily basis if your horse has digestive issues to help maintain a healthy digestive tract.
  • Feed Coligone Liquid or Powder on a daily basis if your horse is grouchy/bad tempered or labelled marish.
  • Elderly horses or those recovering from ill health or surgery would benefit from Coligone Liquid or Powder being fed on a daily basis.

3. What does Coligone do?

Coligone works on excess gastric acid, the ingredients disperses gases in the hind gut, maintains healthy gastric acid levels, soothes and coats the digestive tract provides a buffer-raft, which sits on the stomach contents and guards the delicate upper areas of the stomach from gastric irritation.

4. Can I feed Coligone continuously?  Or will it harm my horse?

It is perfectly ok and extremely beneficial to feed Coligone on a continual basis, although you may find after a few months that the amount fed may be reduced.

5. My horse gets stressed whilst travelling, will Coligone help?

Coligone is exceptionally good if given before travelling, the buffer-raft action ensures that the delicate upper area of the stomach is guarded against gastric acid irritation.  It also helps with gastric acid and soothes the digestive tract whilst the horse is travelling.

6. Can I use Coligone whilst competing under FEI rules?

Coligone is free of any prohibited substances and as such is ok to be used whilst competing under BSJA or FEI rules.

7. My horse is elderly and has terrible trouble with his digestive system, will Coligone help him?

Coligone is effective when fed on a daily basis for elderly horses and ponies who struggle to hold weight and digest their food properly.

8. Is Coligone effective on Windsucking and Cribbing?

Research is suggesting that Wind sucking and crib biting is the result of excessive gastric acid.  The horse experiences a burning sensation, similar to the human version of indigestion, by wind sucking and cribbing it is thought that the horse is trying to alleviate these sensations.

When fed daily, Coligone has proved to be exceptionally good in these circumstances and is very successful at stopping or reducing the amount of cribbing/wind sucking activity.

9. My horse comes in from the field bloated and uncomfortable, he lays flat out in his stable, would Coligone help him?

Coligone Liquid or Oral Paste Syringes are fast acting and assist the horse in these circumstances – Coligone helps disperse gases which are trapped within the digestive tract and soothes the digestive system.

10. Can I feed medication alongside Coligone?

It is ok to feed medication at the same time as Coligone, but always ask your vet’s opinion.  Coligone has been reported to help fussy feeders eat “Bute” and Antibiotics, the strong aniseed smell/taste covers up any sounds of medication.

11. My foal is scouring, will Coligone help?

Coligone is gentle enough for use on foals – It is extremely good for foals which aren’t thriving or are scouring.  Feed the recommended amount by oral syringe twice daily until the scouring ceases.

For more information on instructions for use and products, please download the Informational Handout.

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