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"I never travel without Coligone! I highly recommend it!"

Tim Stockdale, International Team GB Show Jumper

"I never travel without Coligone and always have a bottle on the wagon - It's important to have products like Coligone available when you're away at shows when anything can happen."

"I would never be without Coligone now it’s amazing stuff!"

Elizabeth Matthews, Yard Owner

"I love Coligone and use it on a number of tbs on my yard, it's a fantastic product and I wouldn't be without it!
Without doubt, Chief wouldn't still be here today without Coligone that's why he's smiling"

"George is amazing on Coligone!"

Gemma Taylor, Horse Owner

"George is an exracer who struggles to hold weight - His owner Gemma Taylor tried all kinds of high calorie feeds to encourage weight gain but couldn't encourage his appetite until she fed Coligone. Gemma tried George without the Coligone in his feed to see what would happen - he immediately went off his feed, tucked up and dropped weight - He's now holding his weight well and out competing!"

"No more pulling faces! My horse is so much happier!"

Sharon Louise Gray, Horse Owner

"Hello again - you're probably fed up with hearing from me but just wanted to report back that I rode Echo today the first time since he was ill and started on Coligone. No pulling faces when the girth was done up, striding out like he used to do, and when I asked him to trot on he didn't hesitate and curl up after a few strides like he used too! So happy! He's not too keen on the pink liquid in his feed so I've been syringing it down him twice a day instead. I will recommend it to everyone! Thank you!

"“I routinely use Coligone on Pre and Post Operative horses to combat stress”"

Phillip Scholefield Hird & Partners, MAVetMB MRCVS, Senior Partner, Hird and Partners, Halifax

""The Coligone Range of products are fantastic. It is nice to see that a product is available which is directed at gastric acid related stress issues. I routinely use Coligone on Pre and Post Operative horses to help combat stress."


"I recommend Coligone to all of my clients"

PHILLIP JONES, BVET MED, CERTEP, MRCVS, , Team Vet Great Britan Junior Eventing Team

“I use Coligone on a regular basis both diagnostically and following treatment. I recommend Coligone to all of my clients, especially those competing/training for team GB - it’s a fantastic product”

"…cannot believe the INSTANT difference it made."

Carmen Baker

"Just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU, we've just put our WB onto your Coligone Liquid and cannot believe the INSTANT difference it made. We took him this weekend and it was like a different horse, all symptoms gone and he was well placed in both SJ classes, in the last 8 months we've struggled to get him round the ring let alone jump the course. What makes it even better he loves the product and will lick the Coligone Liquid out of a bowl if offered. He looks fantastic and very happy, it must have some magic ingredients - will definitely be reordering. Definitely a case of "does exactly what it says on the tin". Many MANY thanks from both Owner, Rider and Horse"

"We used Coligone to guard against gastric acid and stress related problems on all the team horses in the run up to and during the European Championships."

Jnr/YR GB SJ Squad 2006

"I’ve been delighted with the “Coligone Effect” on my horse…my mare transformed and now I would never take her off Coligone!"

Lisa Lyons, BE Eventer

"I’ve been delighted with the “Coligone Effect” on my horse. I was dubious about the “miracle effects” that Coligone would have on my chestnut mare’s nappiness. However after trying the Coligone Liquid for a week I wouldn’t look back, my mare transformed and now I would never take her off Coligone!"

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"I have had great success using Coligone and recommend it to all my clients."

Lucinda McAlpine, International Dressage Rider

"Coligone’s The Best Thing I Ever Tried…"

Andrew Mizon, YR Show Jumper

"I use H Bradshaws products on a daily basis to give my horses the best possible chance. Competing and training involves an awful lot of stress including hours travelling, which can upset a horses digestive system. Coligone ensures that my horses remain calm and focused, helps to combat stress and gives them the edge."