"I’ve been delighted with the “Coligone Effect” on my horse…my mare transformed and now I would never take her off Coligone!"

Lisa Lyons, BE Eventer

"I’ve been delighted with the “Coligone Effect” on my horse. I was dubious about the “miracle effects” that Coligone would have on my chestnut mare’s nappiness. However after trying the Coligone Liquid for a week I wouldn’t look back, my mare transformed and now I would never take her off Coligone!"

The Story

Lisa Lyons, from Pontyclun, in Wales was delighted when she bought Charm, a 16.2hh warmblood chestnut mare whom she aspired to event. With a reputation for being “marish” and difficult, Charm was destined to be a challenge. Her behavioural problems included napping and rearing and generally refusing to work, however, Lisa was very determined to get to the bottom of Charm’s issues as she was clearly an extremely talented mare who produced a fabulous jump.

Having spent the first couple of months bonding with her new mare and getting to know each other, Lisa began working through the nappiness issues. Huge improvements would be made, but then, for no apparent reason the napping would return and Charm would appear to be as grumpy as ever. The pair finished the 2005 season by going to local shows and competing on a BE day ticket. Lisa noticed that Charm would be fine as long as she didn’t put any pressure on her, as soon as the tempo was increased, Charm would revert back to her old ways. Lisa reluctantly found herself spending time “asking” her mare nicely rather than facing a full blown argument!

The following January, Lisa entered an Eventer’s Training competition at Broom’s. Unfortunately, Charm blew up and was dreadful throughout the day. She reared continually during the dressage phase, refusing to cooperate or allow Lisa to ride her. Thankfully, the judge’s comments were sympathetic but Lisa was more than despondent and began to consider selling Charm to a hacking home or putting her in foal as she clearly didn’t enjoy competing. Lisa felt that pushing the mare would be wrong and that she didn’t have any more patience or fight left in her to deal with the mare. That evening, whilst discussing Charm’s problems on an internet forum, it was suggested to Lisa that she tried Charm on Coligone, the equine digestive soothing supplement. Lisa was extremely sceptical as her mare never suffered from colic or any digestive issues as far as she was aware. When she discussed Charm with H Bradshaw’s, who manufacture the Coligone Range, Lisa was relieved by their understanding, it came as no surprise to them that Charm’s nappy behaviour increased whilst away at competitions and it was suggested that this was due to an over production of gastric acid, built up through a combination of stress and anxiety and lack of feed/fibre intake throughout the competition day. It was also explained that the disturbance of microflora within the digestive tract and raised acid levels can have a knock on effect on a horse’s temperament and way of going, which means, especially in competition horses, it’s vital to ensure that acid levels remain balanced. It was suggested to Lisa that a daily supplement of Coligone could assist with Charm’s fight against acid build up and gastric irritation, signs of which may include a gassy, bloated tummy, a tucked-up appearance, cribbing or wind sucking, nappy/sour behaviour and poor performance.

Lisa reluctanctly agreed to try a bottle of Coligone Liquid but still wasn’t convinced that her mare’s behavioural problems could manifest from her digestive tract.

Lisa started Charm on Coligone on the following Monday with the recommended 2 x 50ml syringes a day, which she gave after her feed. As it was winter, Lisa was unable to ride until the following weekend, however, through the week, she noticed that Charm had started to be quieter to handle. By Saturday, Lisa had decided to hack out and whilst tacking up, she noticed that Charm didn’t snap and pull faces whilst she was being girthed, and once on board Lisa felt Charm’s enthusiasm to work! Charm was eager to be off on her hack and power-walked up the drive, happy to be working. Lisa was absoultely amazed by the mare’s transformation and finished the ride with the most beautiful forward canter across stubble fields, something she’d struggled to do previously.

Since that first magical week on Coligone, Charm has enjoyed her daily supplement which she now has in her feed. Lisa is thrilled will her improvement, not only has she developed in her training, but her coat is shiny and her eyes are bright and she really has become a happy mare! In order to carry out an experiment, Lisa did briefly take Charm off the Coligone to monitor her reaction. The results of this were amazing as Charm immediately reverted back to her nappy, marish behaviour and Lisa soon began feeding her the Coligone again! A daily video diary of Lisa and Charm’s experiment can be seen on H Bradshaw’s website www.coligone.co.uk

Lisa can’t thank Coligone enough for the huge difference it has made to her horse. She admits that she would’ve given up on Charm prior to feeding Coligone but now she is looking forward to the 2007 BE season.

Coligone has been designed specifically to maintain acid levels in horses, guard against gastric irritation and promote a healthy digestive system. Developed in conjunction with the country’s leading equine and nutrition experts and veterinary endorsed, the Coligone range of supplements are free of any prohibited substances and are suitable for horses competing under rules.

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