Coligone ColiFLEX

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ColiFLEX GastroJoint Care 3kg

Multifunctional Equine Digestive Feed Supplement Used by International Riders, Trainers, Studs & Vets

ColiFLEX GastroJoint Care provides a beneficial combination of key scientifically proven ingredients to help mitigate joint and gastric issues. Maintenance of joint constituents is essential for healthy joints. A healthy digestive system is pivotal to joint health. A compromised digestive tract can result in reduced digestion of key nutrients required to maintain a healthy joint complex. ColiFLEX GastroJoint Care is formulated with 50% Coligone, which works throughout the digestive tract using natural active ingredients to help combat compromised digestive health and support optimum digestion of Joint Care Supplement ingredients. This UNIQUE GASTRO-JOINT FORMULATION helps to ensure maximum nutrition for your horse’s joints, through improved digestive function. Suitable for for all equines, especially older & hard working horses, who may be subjected to wear and tear & require targeted nutrition to promote optimum joint flexibility & integrity.

Designed to help with Joint support, flexibility, suppleness, gastric irritation, crib biting, wind sucking, sour behaviour, tucking up, weight issues and poor performance in competition horses. Calms stressy horses.

Over 14.2hh :30-60g added to the feed once a day

Under 14.2hh: 25g (including foals and youngstock)

Can be used for horses, ponies, broodmares, stallions and foals

For Equine use only – for best results feed daily.

Ingredients per kg: Coligone 500g Glucosamine, 217g, MSM 20g Hyaluronic Acid (HA) 2.1g, Vit C 20g, VitE 5g/kg, Omega3 Complex 100g, scFOS, 100g, MOS 150g, Yeasacc 138g, Sodium Bicarb 10g, Seaweed Buffer

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