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Designed for EVERY SPECIAL PONY & HORSE, this NEW MAGICAL PEGASUS DUST BALANCER encapsulates the benefits of highly digestible fibres alongside the superior specification of Coligone, designed to aid and support the digestive system and maintain healthy acid levels within the digestive tract.

Contains CALCIUM to support a healthy nervous system, encouraging CALMNESS and CONCENTRATION. Advanced spec of VITAMIN E, SELENIUM, MANGANESE, ZINC, COPPER and B VITAMINS to support optimum health & performance.

PROMOTES STRONG HEALTHY HOOVES and a GLISTENING SEAL-LIKE COAT SHINE. Coligone GUARDS AGAINST GASTRIC IRRITATION.  Contains scFOS/MOS PREBIOTICS, PROBIOTICS and YEASACC to encourage good bacteria in the hind gut to thrive, boosting the Equine HIND GUT MICROBIOME including a natural SEAWEED BUFFER to ensure acid levels remain balanced. Fully balanced Vitamins, minerals and amino acids, which can be safely fed to laminitics and those with gastric ulcers.


Designed to help with gastric irritation, crib biting, wind sucking, grumpy behaviour, tucking up, bloated, windy tummies, scouring, weight issues, poor performance in competition horses. Calms stressy horses – CAN BE USED AS AN EQUINE CALMER

Directions for Use


over 14.2hh feed 50g twice a day, added to the feed.

under 14.2hh for PEGASUS PONIES, youngstock and foals, feed 25g twice a day, added to the feed.

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