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The New Face of Coligone!

Date posted: 28th Jan 2015
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Meet Rachel Casbon and her gorgeous ex-racer Joshy who were voted winners of our New Face of Coligone competition.  We are looking forward to hearing how Rachel and Joshy get along this year!  Welcome aboard the team!

“Ok, so a little bit about me & Joshua (AKA Joshy, The Ginger Ninja)

Joshy found his way into my life about 5 and a half years ago when he was 9, when I was looking for a schoolmaster after 15 years out of riding. Joshy is an ex racehorse, who came out of racing as a 4 year old after having colic surgery and not wanting to race anymore.  His owner had no use for him, but wanted him to have a nice life, so I took him on to plod around the countryside with and generally just enjoy him.  He looked terrible, a complete hack rack who couldn’t jump a pole on the floor, and contact wasn’t in his vocabulary!!  Everyone I knew thought I was mad taking on a chestnut ex-racehorse, with 4 white socks, and a wall eye, who was riddled with mud fever and his general condition was poor.

12 months later, I joined the local riding club, and attended ‘camp’, and our instructor for the whole weekend was Phoebe Buckley, who promptly gave us both a good kick up the butt and told us to get eventing  Haven’t looked back since!  We now event happily at 90cm, maybe looking to move up to 100, and compete Dressage at Elementary level, training for Medium!! We only partake in un-affiliated events, we owe each other nothing and we compete for fun 🙂  He truly is my once in a lifetime horse.

I actually won my first tub of Coligone through a competition.  I thought it was a little random as I had never heard of it before, but wouldn’t dare be without it now!!  Joshy gets a bit (OK a lot) of spring grass fever in May time, and Coligone helps him through this (thank God for Coligone) and there has been a couple of times where he has over gorged himself and has come in from the field looking a little bloated and a little unhappy.  A shot of Coligone seems to sort it in no time!!  As he has had colic surgery, I am super careful and protective of his tummy, and Coligone is one of our Very Best Friends!  Thank you for making such an awesome product!”


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