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Coligone Intense Pellets 6kg


A unique formulation of ingredients to aid and support the digestive tract.

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    Coligone INTENSE PELLETS 6kg

    A concentrated EQUINE GASTRIC SUPPLEMENT TO SUPPORT THE HORSE. A unique formulation of ingredients to aid and support the digestive tract. COLIGONE INTENSE PELLETS guard against gastric irritation and associated problems such as acidosis of the hind gut. Soluble fibres, which have a potential gastro-protective effect on gut membranes, alongside the superior specification of COLIGONE, help promote & maintain health & integrity. LOW SUGAR & STARCH, with ZERO CEREAL recipe, COLIGONE INTENSE PELLETS are designed to maintain healthy acid levels within the digestive tract. Advanced spec of VITAMIN E, SELENIUM, MANGANESE, ZINC, COPPER & B VITAMINS to support optimum equine gastric health. Contains scFOS/MOS PREBIOTICS, PROBIOTICS and YEASACC to encourage good bacteria to repopulate and thrive in the hind gut, boosting the Equine HIND GUT MICROBIOME. A natural SEAWEED BUFFER to ensure acid levels remain balanced. Contains minimal sugar and starch and can be safely fed to laminitics and those with gastric ulcers or EMS.

    Suitable for use when training, competing and travelling or during times of stress/ill health where disturbance of the microflora has occurred within the digestive tract.  Ideal for use during periods where gastric acid levels are high and saliva production is low.

    Designed to deal with EQUINE GASTRIC ACID STRESS, PROMOTE CALMNESS AND INCREASE PERFORMANCE. Help with gastric irritation, crib biting, wind sucking, grumpy behaviour, tucking up, bloated, windy tummies, weight issues and poor performance in competition horses. Calms stressy horses


    Over 14.2hh feed  50/100g twice a day

    Under 14.2, young stock and foals, feed 25/50g twice a day

    Can be used for horses, ponies, broodmares, stallions and foals

    For Equine use only



Coligone (Seaweed Buffer 50g/100, Yeasacc 9g/100,, Sodium Bicarbonate 1g/100, scFOS Prebiotics 30g/100, MOS Prebiotics 10g/100) C rude Oil 2.0%, Crude Protein 10%, Crude Fibre 17.7%, Crude Ash 6.93%, Sodium 0.20% Oatfeed, Wheatfeed, Soyahulls, Wheat Grass Nuts, Sunflower Extract, Molasses,Calcium Carbonate, Vit A(EG72) 30000iu, D3 (E671) 3000iu, Vit E (3a/700) 150mg. Trace Elements: Sodium Selenite (E8) 0.99mg, Calcium Iodate Anhydrous (E2) 4.37mg, Ferrous Suplphate Monchoydrate (E1) 390mg, Manganous Sulphate (E5) 238mg, Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate (E6) 417mg, Cupric Sulphate Pantahydrate (E4) 180mg

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