Coligone Starter Pack

Price: £72.00

Included in your starter pack is:

1 x 3kg Coligone Powder
1 x 500ml Coligone Liquid
1 x Coligone Syringe

The ideal solution for anyone wanting to start feeding Coligone.

Directions for Use

For horses >14.2hh 50gms of Coligone Powder to be mixed with feed and fed daily.

For ponies <14.2hh 25gms of Coligone Powder to be mixed with feed and fed daily.

Please note, for ease or for fussy feeders, consider mixing with water and syringing orally, or adding the powder in smaller amounts and increasing over a period of time.

Coligone Liquid, 30/50 ml feed twice a day, either added to the feed or syringed orally.  Can be fed daily for maintenance, or on a more adhoc basis, when the horse requires more support from the diet.

Coligone Syringe – Syringe 50gms orally prior to periods of stress or when the horse requires assistance from it’s diet.

Please note, this syringe is designed to be refilled with Coligone Liquid.

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