MultiVit Pro 5L

Price: £65.00 5 Litre

MultiVit PRO contains an optimum blend of vitamins, bioplex minerals and micronutrients specially bonded to amino acids to maximise bioavailability by the horse.  Powerful antioxidants, including Vitamin E and Selenium mop up troublesome free radicals and assist the horse’s immune system and promote well being and vitality.

Supporting muscle and bone structure, immunity and fertility, MultiVit PRO also contains maximum daily levels of prebiotics to encourage healthy bacteria to flourish within the hind gut, ensuring the digestive tract remains balanced and acid levels low.

Economical to use, a 5 litre bottle will last the average horse 3 months and pony 6 months.

See your horse’s coat bloom, hooves strengthen and general well-being and demeanour improve when fed daily.

A correctly balanced digestive tract can result in a calmer, more focused horse.


Balancers are normally created in a pelleted form but can also take the form of a mix and they effectively ‘balance’ the diet, supplying essential micronutrients for optimum health and performance. This makes them perfect fed alongside a more natural, forage based diet – the forage providing the energy for condition and the balancer providing essential micronutrients that can often be lacking in forage.
The nutrient density of a balancer makes it an extremely useful and advantageous addition to your horses’ diet, because it supplies these essential micronutrients within a very small amount of feed (typically 100g per 100kg bodyweight).
When a balancer forms the base of the diet, macronutrients (energy and protein) can be added or not, according to the individual horses’ requirements. This means that balancers can be fed to several types of horses such as natives and good doers, competition horses and youngsters, supplying them with all the essential micronutrients they need, making balancers an extremely versatile and flexible feed.
Balancers also often contain other beneficial ingredients such as pro and prebiotics which have been shown to support and nurture beneficial hindgut microbes and improve fibre digestion, allowing the horse to get the best out their diet and potentially reduce feed costs.


MultiVitPRO delivers a superior range of naturally nutritious vitamins and minerals for normal physiological function alongside immunity boosting antioxidants for enhanced overall health and wellbeing.

rich in beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids, which are important for optimum health and must be supplied in the diet, but also provides essential Omega 6 fatty acids, which have significant physiological functions within the horse.

Supplies a range of essential amino acids, providing quality protein to support muscle repair, development and integrity and strong, healthy hooves

Contains key pro and prebiotics which are scientifically proven to mitigate disturbances to the hindgut microbiome, maintain a healthy microbial balance, stimulate and promote beneficial bacteria and improve fibre digestibility, helping your horse to get the most out of their forage.

Helps to maintain digestive health at times of change or any time the digestive system needs additional support and re-balance.

MultiVitPRO supports overall muscle development, immunity, hoof, skin and coat quality, optimal digestive health and temperament, alongside superior levels of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients to support health and performance, yet is extremely low in starch and sugar.

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Directions for Use

For horses >14.2hh feed 30ml twice a day, added to the feed.

For ponies <14.2hh feed 15ml twice a day, added to the feed.

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