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Weaning Foals – It’s all about damage limitation

Date posted: 1st Jan 2015
Posted In: Mare & Foals Advice

Weaning time is just around the corner and schedules and weaning programmes will almost certainly be in full swing. Weaning can be the most stressful time for mares and foals and every aspect must be taken into consideration. For the foal, weaning stress can result in lower resistance to disease and loss of condition. It’s a time when stereotypical behaviours can develop and gastric irritation can occur.

The main aim is to ensure that the whole process is as stress free as possible and teh key to this is preparation. Correct preparation and diet can lesson the impact of the foal’s digestive system as the balance of the microflora within the foal’s gut can easily be unbalanced by stress, which can result in scouring and invasion by bad bacteria.

Feeding Coligone a week prior to and during weaning allows the foal’s natural defences to be raised. Gastric acid levels rise dramatically during stressful situations and can unbalance bacteria within the digestive tract. By ensuring the digestive tract remains balanced, Coligone supports the beneficial bacteria. Disturbance of the microflora within the digestive tract can have a severe knock on effect on foals.

Coligone maintains a healthy environment which enables the foal to thrive. The unique mucosal-buffer action coats teh stomach and provides a buffer-raft to guard against gastric irritation in the delicate upper areas of the stomach.

Coligone is used by top Newmarket Studs to guard against stress – Ensure the best for your foal by feeding Coligone at weaning times and during periods where your foal is scouring or under stress.


Posted in Mare & Foals Advice

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